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The "conference that never ends".
10/13/17 to 10/14/17

This energizing event offered by Harvard Medical School, the Institute of Coaching, and McLean Hospital, features keynotes by thought leaders in coaching and positive psychology, leadership, health and well-being, behavioral psychology, and neuroscience.

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Featured CoachX

Haesun Moon on Powerful Coaching
Haesun Moon, an IOC Fellow and educator, explores how intentional language can transform our daily and coaching interactions.


Resource Spotlight

Jan Rybeck, IOC Fellow and partner at COPIA, draws from 25 years of experience to build leadership capacity and results based performance throughout organizations. Watch the CoachX presentation on Vertical Development where she discusses the challenges of transformation and how coaches can use four elements of vertical development to encourage client growth. 


Authored by the IOC and our Fellows, articles on a variety of coaching topics give you the expertise you need to excel as a coach.


Read about coaching, mentoring, positive psychology and leadership from four leading journals. 


Videos and webinars spanning a wide range of topics for more in-depth learning.


In our CoachX podcasts IOC Fellows share their expertise on a particular topic with members.

Latest Blog Posts:

Coaching: Watching Your Language

How do you know that coaching works?  I often ask this question in the beginning of my coaching class. Many shining eyes put up their hands and quote the latest research on how coaching boosts the performance, motivation, or confidence of struggling employees,...

Haesun Moon
February 16, 2017
Building Trust Through Active Constructive Responding

Have you ever had good news to share with the world and no one seemed to care as much as you did? Once, when I received an offer from a prestigious university to create and deliver a coaching diploma program and I successfully completed it after a few stressful months of changes in direction, I...

Paulette Rao
February 09, 2017
Coaching in healthcare...it's turtles all the way down

The story goes: a prominent thinker, perhaps William James or Bertrand Russell, delivered a lecture on the nature of the solar system. In response, an elderly woman proposed an alternate theory, that the world is flat, sitting on a turtle, and it is turtles all the way down. Her wacky notion has...

Margaret Moore
February 03, 2017