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2014 Full Conference Agenda

7 Keynotes:

  • The Leader's Focus: Daniel Goleman, PhD; The Linda S. Ballew Lecture

  • Flexible Minds, Hearts, and Hands: How to Empower Leaders, Workers, and Lives: Steve Hayes, PhD

  • Translation Panel: Client applications of Emotional Intelligence: Course Directors: Carol Kauffman PhD and Margaret Moore, MBA

  • The Future of Leader-Leadership and Character Development: What's “I” got to do with it?: Dana Born, PhD

  • Optimizing Social Relationships in Coaching: Todd Kashdan,PhD

  • The Power of Truth: Yaël Farber

  • Beethoven: From Emotional Crisis to Artistic Triumph: Richard Kogan, MD

All information will be handled by:

Harvard Medical School Department of Continuing Education: Phone number: 617-384-8600 Eastern Time 9:00 - 4 PM ;


Conference Speakers

Carol Kauffman, PhD, ABPP, PCC

Margaret Moore, MBA

Dana Born, PhD

Christopher Palmer, MD

Susan David, PhD

Yaël Farber

Tara Bennett Goleman, M.A.

Daniel Goleman, PhD

Steven Hayes, PhD

Donna Hicks, PhD

Allen Moore

Jeffrey Hull, PhD

Todd Kashdan, PhD

Dick Kilburg, PhD

Richard Kogan, MD

John Norcross, PhD, ABPP

Kerri Palamara, MD

Alvaro Pascual-Leone, MD, PhD

James Rathmell, MD

Lew Stern, PhD

Jeanine Wiener Kronish, MD

Bonnie Wong, PhD

Scott Rauch, MD

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