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Webinar: A Coach's Tour of the Personality (Resource)

Do I contradict myself? Very well, then I contradict myself: I am large, I contain multitudes.  -- Walt Whitman...

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Organize Your Emotions, Optimize Your Life

This book offers a new model for decoding and organizing one’s emotions, improving equanimity, and getting closer to thriving....

Webinar: Positivity Part 3 with Margaret Moore

In this webinar, Margaret Moore, co-director, identifies the top 10 positive emotions and strategies for coaching.

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Webinar: Positivity Part 2 with Margaret Moore

Co-Director Margaret Moore disusses in this webinar generating positive emotions: past, present, future.

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The Obesity Epidemic White Paper

This paper addresses the need for a new profession: wellness coaching.

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MasterClass: Organize Your Mind for Coaching: A Thriving Mindset

It has never been more difficult for the brain’s CEO region, the prefrontal cortex, to perform at its best. Leaders (and coaches) are dealing with epidemics of distractions - multi-tasking, extreme pressures - made worse by a brain energy crisis....

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Podcast: John Norcross and Margaret Moore discuss his new book Changeology

In this podcast, Dr. John Norcross and Margaret Moore discuss his new book, Changeology. He discusses the psychology of change and offers a remarkable five step program for more than 50 common complaints that effect many of us.



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2014 Video Interview with Margaret Moore, MBA and Shelley Carson, PhD: Brain States

Margaret Moore and Shelley Carson PhD discuss their new model on brain states presented at the 2014 Coaching in Leadership and Healthcare Conference with Joan Ryan, Founding Fellow

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Webinar: Positivity in Coaching: Why, What, and How? with Margaret Moore and Carol Kauffman PhD

Two of the Institute's co-founders, Carol Kauffman and Margaret Moore collaborate on this important topic, bringing interesting perspectives from leadership coaching and health & wellness coaching. Each present, followed by a discussion on the practical aspects of generating positive emotions in coaching.

Webinar: Coaching Science in Motion: Translating Self-Determination Theory into Coaching Practice with Margaret Moore, MBA and Jeff Hull, PhD

Self-determination theory (SDT), developed by psychologists Ed Deci and Rich Ryan at the University of Rochester over the past 25 years, is now the most respected theory of human motivation, replacing Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.  This webinar, hosted by the IOC leaders, Margaret Moore, MBA, and Jeffrey Hull, PhD, will m...