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The differential effects of solution-focused and problem-focused coaching questions on the affect, attentional control and cognitive flexibility of undergraduate students experiencing study-related stress

Previous research has demonstrated that Solution-Focused (SF) coaching can help individuals to attain positive outcomes. However, not much is known about the processes through which these positive outcomes are achieved....

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Does coaching work? A meta-analysis on the effects of coaching on individual level outcomes in an organizational context

Whereas coaching is very popular as a management tool research on coaching effectiveness is lagging behind. Moreover the studies on coaching that are currently available have focused on a large variety of processes and outcome measures and generally lack a firm theoretical foundation....

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All I need is a stage to shine: Narcissists' leader emergence and performance

Many of the world's leaders appear to possess narcissistic characteristics (e.g. Deluga 1997).  This begs a question as to whether and why narcissistic individuals are chosen as leaders and how they perform....

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