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The Sage Handbook of Coaching (2017)

The new Sage Handbook of Coaching (2017) offers an excellent overview of current issues and practices, as well as mapping out where the discipline is going....

The Evolution of Coaching: A Cottage Industry Grows Up

An Interview with Sir John Whitmore Dear John,...

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Webinar: The Self as Multiplicity: A Challenge and Opportunity for Coaching (Resource)

In this session we will consider how we understand ourselves as coaches – and what challenges and difficulties our self-understanding may introduce and foster in our practice....

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Developmental Coaching: Working with the Self

"This book opens up an entirely new perspective of understanding and identifying a client's developmental process as well as the challenges related to each stage of that process - for both coach and client....

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Self-deception in coaches: an issue in principle and a challenge for supervision

This article describes an exploratory study aimed at investigating factors contributing to the phenomenon of self-deception in coaches. Six experienced coaching supervisors were interviewed in accordance with the Conceptual Encounter research methodology. The results are presented in a model of self-deception in coaches....

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Development of an Instrument for Microanalysis of Coaching Sessions

The aim of this study was to develop an instrument that could be used to describe the most generic and diverse elements of a coaching session including actual coaching sessions and ideal, protype sessions....

Microanalysis of the coaching process

This document provides the microanalysis of the coaching process for this Harnish Grant Research project

Podcast: Harnisch Researchers Tatiana Bachkirova and Jonathon Sibley

Learn about a newly developed instrument that will help you micro-analyze your coaching sessions: 1. Research background and the design of a new microanalysis of coaching instrument.  ...

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Microanalysis of Coaching table

Table used in research performed by Harnisch grant recipients Tatiana Bachkirova and Jonathan Sibley.

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Powerpoint Slides for Podcast Microanalysis of Coaching

These slides complement Tatiana Bachkirova and Jonathan Sibley podcast on their research findings.