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2016 Poster Award Honorable Mention: Strategies and Preliminary Results for a Vision-based Coaching Supplement to a Graduate Student Career Course

This poster is also based on a randomized controlled study to evaluate the impact of supplementing a career course with individual coaching (for post graduate students) based on intentional change theory and self-determination theory. The course +coaching group illustrated higher impact on several measures....

Executive Coaching Beyond the Obvious: Toward a Theoretical Framework to Analyze the Nature and Management of Multiple Stakeholders and Agendas

While executive coaching has been mostly portrayed as a straightforward practice, relying on a relatively non-problematic set of relationships, our research highlights the multi-faceted nature of this intervention in organizations....

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Podcast: Applying for a Harnisch Grant with Gordon Spence, PhD

In this podcast  Dr. Gordon Spence, co-Chair of the Science Advisory Council, provides an overview of the grant application process and how to create a winning proposal.

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Coaching to Decrease Childhood Obesity

Family Mealtime Coaching is a live parent coaching intervention grounded in empirically-based positive psychology techniques....

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Development of an Instrument for Microanalysis of Coaching Sessions

The aim of this study was to develop an instrument that could be used to describe the most generic and diverse elements of a coaching session including actual coaching sessions and ideal, protype sessions....

Microanalysis of the coaching process

This document provides the microanalysis of the coaching process for this Harnish Grant Research project

Podcast: Harnisch Researchers Tatiana Bachkirova and Jonathon Sibley

Learn about a newly developed instrument that will help you micro-analyze your coaching sessions: 1. Research background and the design of a new microanalysis of coaching instrument.  ...

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Microanalysis of Coaching table

Table used in research performed by Harnisch grant recipients Tatiana Bachkirova and Jonathan Sibley.

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Powerpoint Slides for Podcast Microanalysis of Coaching

These slides complement Tatiana Bachkirova and Jonathan Sibley podcast on their research findings.

Podcast: Harnisch Researcher Suzi Skinner shares her findings

Suzi Skinner, Harnisch Researcher, discusses her research on the factors involved in executive coaching that helped senior women to thrive.

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