Dr. Keyaunoosh Kassauei

Photo of Dr. Keyaunoosh Kassuei-Nayer

Dr. Keyaunoosh Kassauei, MD

REI Council Member & Fellow, Institute of Coaching

Dr. Keyaunoosh Kassauei MD is an international medical graduate (IMG). She continued her medical education with a postdoctoral research fellowship at the Johns Hopkins Hospital, School of Medicine in the United States.

Her respected work during her pathology fellowship in the study of mitochondrial DNA mutations in pancreatic cancer patients has led to several publications in prominent journals of medicine.

She is currently a member of ICF (International Coach Federation/Foundation) and an active Fellow at IOC (Institute of Coaching is based at McLean Hospital. McLean is a member of Mass General Brigham, and the largest psychiatric teaching hospital of Harvard Medical School). She also sits on IOC board of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Council (DEI).

Enlightened by her Near Death Experience (NDE, in 2006), she developed a passion for coaching in health care as her carrier and started her education by becoming a certified coach from Life Coach Institute (LCI) and a SQi Coach in 2008 from Deep Change (DC). Subsequently she earned a certificate in Mind Body Medicine from MBM/BHI Institute/Harvard Medical School in 2009 followed by becoming an IOC affiliate in 2010.

Dr. Kassauei is founder of “My Conscious Coaching Group” (MCCG), A 501c3 Coaching Nonprofit that serves our healthcare and education community with a mission to heal and care for a Whole-Self and a vision to raise self and global awareness for a conscious mind through education and application of EQ/SQ (Emotional Intelligence and Spiritual/Deep intelligence). She Earned her certificate of Spirituality & Healing in Medicine from GW Institute for Spirituality & Health
(GWish) in 2009 and is currently working with their ISPEC (Interprofessional Spiritual Care Education Curriculum) train the trainer program. She is also a member of IANDS (International Association of Near Death Studies) and an ISGO facilitator (IANDS Sharing Group Online).

Additionally, Keyaunoosh has completed numerous coaching certification programs under leadership of globally recognized mentors
David Goldsmith & David Peterson from Google/ACE/WBEC,
Daniel Goleman from Gei,
Marcia Raynold from ICF/WBEC Breakthrough Coaching,
Cindy Wigglesworth from Deep Change Inc,
LIA (Learning in Action) and Heart math institute.

Dr. Kassauei is coauthor of International best sellers, “Beautiful Scars”. And has been a guest speaker in Business Talk Radio.

She wishes to continue providing her service as a nonprofit to health care and education community for the growth and healing of our
humanity and all earth citizens.

She can be reached through her website:
www.myconscious.org or [email protected].