Cavanagh, Michael

Photo of Michael Cavanagh

2021 Conference Speaker

Day two of our conference begins with esteemed psychologist Michael Cavanaugh. Michael will be presenting breakthrough research on resilience for coaches how to bring resilience for all as our world faces various challenges.


Michael Cavanagh

Michael is an internationally recognized academic, consultant, practitioner in the field of leadership and coaching psychology. Michael’s work focuses on preparing leaders, teams and coaches to work effectively and sustainably in complex settings.  In his academic work he is the Deputy Director of the Coaching Psychology Unit at the University of Sydney (Australia) and Visiting Professor at Middlesex University (UK). He has coached leaders and managers at all levels from a diverse range of public and private, national and multinational organizations, both in Australia and internationally.   Along with numerous publications in the peer reviewed press, Michael is the principal author of the Standards Australia Handbook of Organisational Coaching. He is also the Australian editor of the International Coaching Psychology Review. Michael’s passion is educating coaches and assisting leaders, organisations and individuals to understand and address complex challenges in ways that increase the sustainability of the organisation, its people and the planet.


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