Chabot, Michelle

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Michelle Chabot

Michelle started writing her first novel at age 8. It remains unfinished. She then went on to write many unfinished works in a variety of mediums.

A year-long college class called “Invidvidual, Community and the Quest for the Good Life,” changed her focus to Philosophy and History. She stumbled upon website development after becoming a mother. Both helped her writing in weird and wonderful ways.

At 28 she finished a project for the first time, a play entitled Tell Laura I Love Her. She went on to win entry in two play festivals for her works Of Pitbulls and Men and Spider Dancing. Other produced plays include: Memere and the Telemarketer, You are What You Eat, and Henry. Her latest work, Nancy Pfotinhauer, Middle Age Detective, was co-written with her dear friend Beth Randall.

Yet, Michelle’s interest and passion for Philosophy and History continue and have culminated in her position at The Institute of Coaching where she can employ all three passions in the form of coaching, research and writing.

In her free time, Michelle is learning Korean, discovering French Rap artists and playing strategy-based games like Roll for the Galaxy and RPGs like Zelda BOTW.

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