Estrada, Ramón

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Ramón Estrada

Ramón Estrada is a Founder CEO Coach with clients in 14 countries. He believes a company's performance and impact outcomes from the business leaders' deep inner work.

As an entrepreneur, Ramón has launched seven companies, one of them awarded on innovation and growth. He has an MBA from IESE Business School, and has attended Private Equity and Venture Capital executive programs at Harvard Business School, and Berkeley.

As a coach, Ramón is certified by Newfield Network as Ontological Coach, by Berkeley as Leadership and Executive Coach, by the HeartMath Institute as Trainer and Coach, by the IAGC as a Generative Coach, and holds the ACC credential (expired) by the ICF. He is a practitioner of HeartMath techniques, NLP, Trance, and Hypnosis.

Ramón is a Fellow of the Institute of Coaching, and, together with Rolf Pfeiffer, co-hosts the IOC monthly Roundtables for the EMEA region. He is also a Fellow of the RSA, with a commitment to inspiring better ways of thinking, acting, and delivering change to create a better future.

He was born in Mexico City and lives in Barcelona with his wife and two kids.

For more information, please visit his website, LinkedIn profile or follow him on other social media platforms with the handle @ramonestradat