Fuller, Tracy

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Tracy Fuller

Tracy helps her clients advance business strategies by scaling their leadership effectiveness. She specializes in coaching senior executives, leveraging her expertise in executive and organizational development, neuroscience and applied creativity. She is Managing Director of COMPIO, an executive coaching and leadership development practice.

Client companies and roles:

As a consultant working with organizations in financial, technology, healthcare, consumer products, engineering, retail, energy, professional sports, non-profit and academic sectors, Ms. Fuller has supported every stage of the organizational life cycle; including the start-up of new businesses, driving rapid growth, integrating post-merger cultures and processes, designing effective reductions in force and closing business operations.

Sample clients roles include: President, CFO, COO, Chief Medical Officer, EVP of Human Resources; Chief Communications Officer, Global Head of Compensation and Benefits, SVP and Enterprise Data Officer, SVP Operations, SVP Sales, Vice President and General Manager.

Tracy’s clients are accomplished leaders with a learner’s perspective, working in companies that value their performance and potential.  For a list of sample companies, please visit https://compio.net/clients/ 

Select client results:

  • Coached 11 high potential leaders for C-Suite roles, identified in the energy company's succession planing process, increasing their leadership agility and accelerating their readiness for advancement. 
  • Coached CEO of a Medical Manufacturing Firm, and his direct report team, building the executive team’s collective leadership and supporting a successful acquisition.
  • Coached the only female CFO in a Financial Services Firm, increasing receptivity to and impacts of her contributions on her peer team and her cross functional leadership.
  • Coached the CTO of a Healthcare Technology Firm, helping him build emotional intelligence needed to engage mission-critical talent, and increase his influence within the executive leadership team throughout a period of complex organizational changes.
  • Coached the CMO of a Healthcare Start Up, helping him more effectively communicate his vision, build organizational readiness to transition to more scalable business strategies, and improve his board relationships.
  • Coached Director of Operations at a Healthcare Technology Firm, supporting his successful transition to the COO role.

Other business experience:

Prior to founding COMPIO, Tracy Fuller served as Vice President of Human Resources for MetalSite, Inc., an international B2B e-commerce firm, and its subsidiaries. As an Officer of the company and member of the executive leadership team, she implemented a comprehensive range of management and leadership practices that propelled business strategies. 

In addition to coaching executives, Tracy has consulted with Boards, Presidents and senior executive teams on the design and effectiveness of their leadership teams and the development of their organization's capabilities. She has collaborated with organizational leaders to develop the infrastructure of early stage companies, business units, programs and practices; and has led and facilitated teams developing strategic plans, enterprise communication strategies and sustainable measurement practices. 

Ms. Fuller has developed and led the delivery of educational curricula for executives, general management and employees, medical staff, faculty and students of literally all ages. She is a faculty member at the Chautauqua Institution, teaching practices that support innovation leadership. Tracy served as the Director of Coaching at Carnegie Mellon University’s (CMU) Negotiation Academy for Women, where she lectured on emotional regulation.  She has also lectured at CMU’s Graduate School of Public Affairs on ‘Systems Thinking’ and ‘Breakthrough Thinking;’ at CMU’s Heinz School on ‘Emotional Intelligence;’ at the University of Pittsburgh’s Katz Graduate School of Business on ‘Principles of Leadership Coaching;’ and at the CASE conference on succession planning strategies and the design of leadership development programs. 


Her volunteer activities support organizations such as The Honor Foundation, The Coro Center for Civic Leadership, PowerLink and Achieva.  

Education and training:

An intermittent but optimistic artist, and a continual student of individual and organizational capacity, Tracy holds masters degrees in business administration (MBA) and education (MEd), an advanced coaching certification (PCC) through the International Coaching Federation and an international Senior Leadership Team Coaching certification through the Association of Executive Coaching.  She is also a certified Leadership Agility Coach.

For more information, please visit https://compio.net or connect with her on LinkedIn.