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Sackeena Gordon-Jones

Sackeena is the chief coaching officer for Transformation Edge Coaching & Consulting, an organization that helps leaders and organizations create a thriving work environment with improved and sustainable bottom-line results.  A leader in the coaching field, Sackeena holds the Master Certified Coach credential from ICF.  She is actively sought out as a leadership development consultant, author, coach trainer, and speaker. She specializes in leadership and executive coaching ,as well as personal coaching.  With over 25 years of experience in helping leaders optimize their potential, mitigate the stress associated with uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity.  Her clients achieve their most meaningful goals and improve the quality of their professional and personal lives.  Sackeena’s clients include executives, Sr leaders, physicians, faculty, military officers, family owned business and leadership teams.  She works with multi-national organizations, non-profits, government agencies, financial institutions, academic institutions, high-tech, manufacturing, pharma and other private sector organizations.  Her work with leaders often focuses on succession planning, leadership agility, authentic leadership, expanding leadership capacity, leading through change, diversity and inclusion, work-life integration, culture change and emotional intelligence. Her approach gives leaders the edge to transform the way they think, lead, work and live.  

As an educator, Sackeena serves as director of the Transformation and Business Coach Institute, developing and facilitating leadership and coach training programs throughout North America, Europe, Africa and Asia-Pac. She leads the Business and Professional Coaching Certificate Program; an open-enrollment program for coaches, leaders, consultants, health care practitioners, and other professionals who are pursuing their coaching credentials. Sackeena also leads the Coaching in Organization Certificate Program, for organizations choosing to develop the internal capacity to provide coaching.   

Sackeena received the award for breaking barriers in the coaching field, helping to close the diversity and access to coaching gaps.  Sackeena was a past-president of ICF Raleigh, Past-Chair of ICF Southeast Region and Past Director of the Association of Coach Training Organizations (ACTO), and the ICF CIO Global Board (Coaching in Organizations).  She provides mentor coaching and supervision for coaches pursuing their credentials, advancing their practice or coaching internally.

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