Gregory, Jane Brodie

Brodie Gregory

Jane B. (Brodie) Gregory was a 2010 recipient of the Institute of Coaching publication grant for her work on manager/employee coaching relationships. Dr. Gregory earned her PhD in Industrial/Organizational Psychology at The University of Akron, under the direction of advisor Dr. Paul Levy. Dr. Gregory is a senior consultant with PDRI, a CEB Company, in Arlington, VA, where her work focuses on leadership development, performance management, and organizational change solutions for clients in a wide variety of industries and geographies. Previously, Dr. Gregory has worked as a Manager of Global Leadership Development with Procter & Gamble, in Global Talent Management with The Timken Company, and as a visiting professor of social and organizational psychology at Washington and Lee University. Dr. Gregory’s research focuses largely on executive and employee coaching, as well as on feedback, performance & motivation, leadership, leadership development, and applications of positive psychology to the workplace. Her work has appeared in a number of publications, including Consulting Psychology Journal: Practice & Research, Industrial and Organizational Psychology: Perspectives on Research and Practice, and The Journal of Organizational Behavior. She and Paul Levy published Using Feedback in Organizational Consulting, the first book in an APA series for consulting psychologists.

Brodie's Harnisch Grant summary: Employee Coaching Relationships: Enhancing Construct Clarity and Measurement 2010

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