Greif, Siegfried

Siegfried Greif

Siegfried Greif holds a Diploma and PhD and is Professor of Psychology. He is head of the field of coaching and change management of a consulting institute cooperating with the University of Osnabrueck (Institute of Business psychological Research and Practice, From 1976-1982 he was professor at the Free University of Berlin (head of the Social Organizational Psychology unit) and from 1982-2008 full professor at the University of Osnabrueck, Germany (head of the Work and Organizational Psychology Unit and is member of the Institute of Migration and Intercultural Studies, IMIS, He teaches coaching at the Universities of Osnabrueck and Hamburg and offers a coaching education for practitioners at the Free University Berlin.

He has published fifteen books (one in German on “Coaching and Result-oriented Self- Reflection”), numerous journal articles and book chapters and is an invited keynote speaker on coaching conferences in different countries. He is on the board of "Coaching: International Journal of Theory, Research and Practice", “Organisationsberatung, Supervision, Coaching” and “Coaching: Theorie & Praxis”, and is chief editor of a German book series on "Innovative Management" (Goettingen: Hogrefe).

He is member of the German Psychological Society, the German Coaching Federation (DBVC) and the International Society of Coaching Psychology (ISCP), was Research Fellow of the British Psychol. Society (1984), had the Wilhelm Wundt chair of the University of Leipzig (1991/92) and is member of the Scientific Advisory Council of The Institute of Coaching associated with Harvard Medical School. In a two-year practical sabbatical (1994- 96) he worked as a consultant and coach of the worldwide leading photo and special paper manufacturer Felix Schoeller. He is committed to bridge the gap between science and practice, especially application of knowledge from basic psychological research.

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