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Josie McLean

Josie McLean The fundamental question that Josie helps people find answers to is “how can we change?”. Josie began her career as a corporate strategic planner but for the last 20 years, has operated her own business providing consulting and coaching services to executives, senior teams and whole organisations seeking to transform themselves. She was ICFA President in 2003 and chaired the delivery of three ICFA regional conferences. In 2009 Josie was awarded the ICF Presidents Award in recognition of her qualities as a coach and services to the industry. Josie is also a Visiting Fellow at the Yunis Social Business Centre at University of Adelaide and continues to publish in academic journals for practitioners.   Josie’s areas of expertise include emergent change, systemic coaching, leadership development, organisational development, systems thinking (especially complex adaptive systems or living systems) and sustainability. Her latest book is Big Little Shifts: a practitioner’s guide to complexity for organisational adaptability and change.

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