Wuraola, Tolu

Tolu Wuraola

Dr. Tolu M. Wuraola is an equity researcher and strategist managing a diverse portfolio of equity-based research, strategy, and consulting projects for corporate, non-profit, government, educational, and philanthropic organizations. She applies a multidisciplinary, anti-racist, intersectional lens to examine the impact of state, local, district, and organizational-level policies and practices on minoritized populations/communities. She has worked closely with key stakeholders to define, design, and implement policies, programs, and strategies aimed at reducing racial disparities and improving outcomes among historically marginalized populations. 

Prior to this, Dr. Wuraola has served as a lecturer and teaching fellow at UCLA teaching racial justice concepts and research methods to undergraduate students. Since then, she has worked as a project manager for a statewide racial justice organization that focuses on research and advocacy, served as a full-time staff consultant for the equity and inclusion unit of a large governmental organization, and been an invited guest lecturer for an undergraduate and graduate level course at Cornell University focused on advancing racial equity in organizations. Her research has been presented at academic and professional conferences. Dr. Wuraola earned her PhD from UCLA and her JD from the University of Miami School of Law.