IOC Award Recipients 2019

The Institute of Coaching at McLean Hospital, a Harvard Medical School affiliate, is honored to present the 2019 Vision of Excellence award to Dr. John Gottman and Dr. Julie Schwartz Gottman. The Vision of Excellence award was established to recognize lasting contributions and pioneering work on the scientific foundation of coaching. The award will be presented at the Institute of Coaching Conference, which will also feature a discussion with the Gottmans. Although the Gottmans are known for their work on romantic relationships, their research is invaluable in managing professional relationships and work-life balance, showcasing the behaviors and thoughts that harm relationships and teaching those which foster healthy, lasting relationships. 

Teach Leaders to Navigate Complexity

How can we effectively support leaders who are less capable, because of their level of development and degree of awareness, to act effectively in the face of complexity?  Studies show approximately 20% of managers act from a post-conventional mind-set* and the majority of these leaders do not develop beyond the first post-conventional stage.  Yet, leaders who are not post-conventional in the parlance of developmentalists, are valuable and productive contributors to their organization.     

Start-ups disrupting the coaching market with digital tools are also focused on the intention-action gap. This post takes a look at two platforms - Leader Amp and Saberr - that support individuals and teams in acting on their implementation intentions.  As in my previous (and future!) posts on technology, highlighting a vendor is not an endorsement. Instead, these examples of new technology are intended to spark conversations in our coaching community about.


Having met and gotten to know hundreds of coaches, I’ve come to believe that many of us suck at valuing ourselves. Personally, I find myself alternating, in equal measure, between the belief that I should be charging more and the belief that I’m charging too much already! And the idea of talking to other coaches about how much they charge for coaching just feels so taboo.

How to Get the Most Out of Coaching

If you are fortunate enough to be offered a coach, here are five keys to getting the most out of the experience. It’s not just about getting your money’s worth. It’s about keeping the coach on his or her toes, and truly accelerating your growth. 


Understanding the Executive Coaching Literature

With coaching science in mind, every coach can answer these 3 questions:
Does coaching work? How and why does it work? What is the wider impact of coaching?

Does a coach really need to have done the job, of the leader being coached, in order to be effective? And, if not, how does one change the perceptions of executives and HR accordingly?


 As we know from our own lives, even with strong intentions, the desired behavior may not reliably happen. This is the “intention-behavior gap.” 

the democratization of coaching

Democracy may be in rough shape, but democratization of data, AI, and health care is having a moment – a big moment that is shaking up the coaching market. Already, launching a business to democratize coaching is no longer a distinctive pitch. 

Courageous Coping with Disruption

Effective coping with disruption in our exponentially changing times requires self‐leadership, agility, and the ability to be comfortable with the uncomfortable. Disruption can be like a wake‐up call to full alertness and more awareness.