In our recent New Year’s Java with Jimmy podcast, sponsored by the Massachusetts General Hospital Office of Equity and Community Health, Jimmy and I explored the shifts that Black people have been experiencing each year in their relationship to the experience of racism since George Floyd was killed. Jimmy mentioned “good grief” as a helpful frame for the current experience of many, which includes gradual acceptance as a step toward healing and post-traumatic growth.


Becoming familiar with the predictable patterns that humans have for relating to their lives and listening for these patterns in our clients doesn’t mean we are diagnosing. It means we have a powerful lens through which to see our clients and what is unconscious to them about how they are experiencing their lives in patterned ways.


What's a groove? Merriam-Webster describes a groove as a situation suited to one's abilities and interests, an enjoyable experience or rhythm, a sense of harmony with one's world. Most people who find their groove, find it through work. Gallup authors reported in the book Five Elements of Well-being that career well-being (liking what you do at work) matters the most.

This post is an action planning guide for coaches – whether you joined the webinar or not – for making decisions on – or if – to use tech in coaching. The majority of IOC participants in the webinar described their stance on tech in coaching as curious, ready to learn more and take initial steps such as exploring new tools. Some are already actively using tech. However, in many cases their use involves the familiar videoconferencing options for virtual coaching sessions.  

A heart-shaped lake in the middle of untouched nature - a concept illustrating the issues of nature conservation, bio-products and the protection of forests and woodlands in general.

Many people, including coaches and coaching clients, want to increase and expand their positive impact with their business, their work and in their relationships. The next question is: How? This article will address how to increase your positive impact, starting now.

A white female hand with nail polish and ring on its index finger is holding a polaroid to the left center of the photo. The photograph is of a landscape with fall foliage on the bottom, a lone tree to the top right, and blue sky at the top.

Photo-elicitation enhances the principles of co-active coaching: discovery, mindfulness, and empowerment (Kimsey-House, Kimsey-House, Sandahl, & Whitworth, 2018). Through the camera’s lens, clients become investigators of their own lives and examine hidden parts of themselves. Moreover, photo gazing awakens the five senses leading to deeper levels of awareness. 

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You have found your breakthrough idea and engaged your network in helping you to develop it. You have created expert, thoughtful content and used your network to further define your thought leadership. Now, you need to get noticed! How will you get your message out? Once again, your network is critical to help you build your social proof. 

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If you have children, you know exactly what it's like to be caught in the swirl of being a parent, an engaged partner in your relationship, and working full time.  The energy required to navigate the drama or high activity of a situation creates a myopic lens of just handling what's directly in front of you. It's so easy to fall into the trap of just doing tasks the same way you always have because both your perspective and energy are limited.    

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The name Dorie Clark has become ubiquitous in the coaching industry. Her content is showing up on Facebook feeds, e-mail campaigns, and interviews across LinkedIn. In this blog, our team explores content creation and how your network can help create thought provoking breakthrough ideas. We will follow up with a second blog looking at how to leverage networking that establishes social proof.