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How to Get the Most Out of Coaching

If you are fortunate enough to be offered a coach, here are five keys to getting the most out of the experience. It’s not just about getting your money’s worth. It’s about keeping the coach on his or her toes, and truly accelerating your growth. 


Understanding the Executive Coaching Literature

With coaching science in mind, every coach can answer these 3 questions:
Does coaching work? How and why does it work? What is the wider impact of coaching?

An acknowledgement recognizes the whole of the person, both who they are being and what they are doing. It does so in specific and evocative language that feels true to both the giver and receiver. An acknowledgement is more a statement of a shared reality than a judgement. It focuses slightly more on who the person is being than on what they are doing.

The Power of Acknowledgement - Alison Whitmire

Acknowledgement of the client is every bit as important (maybe more so) as asking powerful questions, active listening, or planning and goal setting. Acknowledgement is a foundational element of the coach/client relationship that builds the trust and intimacy needed to do the rest of the work.

Coaching is the New Leadership - Margaret Moore

It’s time for everyone, not just leaders, to grow faster to avoid burnout and keep up, or even get ahead, of external forces of change. That means living and thriving on the growth edge, like what happens in a good coaching session.