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Tricky Cases

In today’s world it is sometimes difficult to find the space and opportunity for true deep reflection. This Tricky Case Forum allowed me and my fellow coaches to dive into cases in a way that can truly transform our practice. The sum of the parts is greater than the whole. This has never been more true before — the group-intelligence in this session was remarkable.

Understanding the Executive Coaching Literature

With coaching science in mind, every coach can answer these 3 questions:
Does coaching work? How and why does it work? What is the wider impact of coaching?

 As we know from our own lives, even with strong intentions, the desired behavior may not reliably happen. This is the “intention-behavior gap.” 

Is It Time to Replace the Annual Performance Review with Coaching? by Michael Bungay Stanier

Despite the hype, are organizations actually kicking performance reviews to the curb? Not really. While performance management tactics have evolved, the fact remains that a vast majority of companies continue to conduct the much-dreaded, yearly, traditional appraisals.

Thoughts on the future of executive coaching: 7 paths forward

As things around us change faster, and change in new and different ways, coaches will need to evolve dramatically if they wish to thrive. Working harder and running faster will not work in the long run. We need a new paradigm, new perspectives, and a new playbook.

One of the challenges of the coaching world has been the confusion over terminology. Just how is coaching different from or similar to other ‘helping by talking’ approaches like mentoring, training, instructing, consulting and counseling?

Mountains through lens

This was my fourth Institute of Coaching Conference in Boston. And it was great to be back; such high caliber speakers. I find these events energizing. They remind me how important our work is as coaches. I left stimulated, and with plenty to think about.

Together we can change the world

Here at the IOC our mission has changed!  
Yes, we are dedicated to building the scientific foundation of coaching and translate these into best practices.  Yes we provide the best educational material and introduce you to great thought leaders. But, this is all in the service of helping each of us Make an Impact.