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What's a groove? Merriam-Webster describes a groove as a situation suited to one's abilities and interests, an enjoyable experience or rhythm, a sense of harmony with one's world. Most people who find their groove, find it through work. Gallup authors reported in the book Five Elements of Well-being that career well-being (liking what you do at work) matters the most.

A heart-shaped lake in the middle of untouched nature - a concept illustrating the issues of nature conservation, bio-products and the protection of forests and woodlands in general.

Many people, including coaches and coaching clients, want to increase and expand their positive impact with their business, their work and in their relationships. The next question is: How? This article will address how to increase your positive impact, starting now.

The simple power of awareness first became evident to me when I participated in a meditation course at a Buddhist temple in Washington DC. Sitting uncomfortable, cross-legged, I was asked to focus on my breath, only to be obstructed by an unhelpful flood of thoughts. 

Mountains through lens

This was my fourth Institute of Coaching Conference in Boston. And it was great to be back; such high caliber speakers. I find these events energizing. They remind me how important our work is as coaches. I left stimulated, and with plenty to think about.


There is much to be admired in Tony Robbins — he’s a motivational guru who has built a $450 million empire advising people on how to overcome life’s challenges. But when it comes to happiness, his latest guidance and the planned focus of his next book, is just not supported by the science.