Transformation Blog Posts

Courageous Coping with Disruption

Effective coping with disruption in our exponentially changing times requires self‐leadership, agility, and the ability to be comfortable with the uncomfortable. Disruption can be like a wake‐up call to full alertness and more awareness.

Shifting Your Ego to LEGO

Today's age of accelerating external change is calling coaches to help themselves, and others, change faster than ever before. Opportunities for transformational change are not hard to find. They turn up in moments invaded by uncomfortable emotions, such as worry, frustration, or disappointment. 

declipse - transform your stress

A strong emotion behaves (metaphorically) like an eclipse, inadvertently creating a blind spot and blocking access to an alternative perspective bringing wisdom or insight. The eclipse generates the tension of something unresolved. The agitated mind yearns for a “declipse,” to get past the stuck place of an eclipse and find resolution and balance. 

Growth Edge

These agitations are our growth edges. They are messengers telling us we have a blind spot. The blind spot eclipses the wisdom and insights that are on the other side. When the wisdom or insight appears, there is growth, one little shift at a time. 

Holistic Recovery and The Big Five Behaviors - James Prochaska and Janice Prochaska

Four behaviors account for more than 70% of all chronic diseases, disabilities, and premature deaths. They are smoking, alcohol abuse, unhealthy diet, and inadequate exercise. Why are these Big Four behaviors so crucial to our health and well-being? 

To Be the Expert or Not: The Expert's Dilemma - Margaret Moore

The process of becoming a coach helps people let go of the expert identity and learn how to cultivate growth. But first, new coaches learn why the expert identity can get in the way of helping others.

Showing up: Courage, Presence, and Power in Coaching Relationships - Eric Kaufmann

When you show up, you lower your defenses, radiate your uniqueness and brilliance, and meaningfully connect with others. To show up as a leader, lover, coach, or in any situation, is concurrently empowering and vulnerable. If we choose not to show up, we’re doing so from fear.    


What are you planning to do differently in 2017? Some of us welcome this calendar-prompted pause to reflect; others of us find this question daunting, or even a nuisance. Our clients are being asked to set goals for the new year, so coaching conversations may naturally turn to this topic right now.