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The background of the picture is a blurry tree that is flowering. A white hand in the bottom center of the picture is holding a clear globe in their hand. The globe is reflecting the background, and an upside down tree shows up in the globe.

A prior Institute of Coaching Research Dose on Beautiful Coaching Questions (Cook & Moore, 2020) noted that “coaches collect great questions.” These questions are typically focused on expanding our clients’ capacity. On a recent Zoom huddle of IOC Fellows, however, we pivoted to questions that expand a coach’s capacity. In the moment, we generated and curated a diverse list of reflection questions that can deepen our awareness and effectiveness in ways that are important to us. 

Winding Road Sign

The world is not getting any simpler. We believe we have created modern environments that are somehow within our control. But the truth is that the markets and operating environments in which we perform are as complex as the natural environments from which our ancestors sprung.