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In an office setting, people are working at their laptops, wearing face masks and at separated desks. At the front of the picture, a white man is wearing a face mask and talking to his coworker, a black woman wearing a face mask. Their desks are separated

What will we go to when moving to a hybrid work format of working both remotely and in person, and what are the challenges that we might expect to see? The topic is widely discussed in many places, and the answers are emerging, but not set in stone yet. The following aims to provide an overview of what the hybrid way of working might look like; reasons for conducting work in a face-to-face setting or remotely; and some of the key questions that leaders and teams will need to be mindful of when shaping their version of the “new world of work”.

Behind the Johari Window

What do you know about yourself? What do you know about yourself that everyone also knows? What do you know about yourself that others still don’t know? What do others perceive in you that is not yet known by you? And what do neither others nor you know about yourself?