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If you have children, you know exactly what it's like to be caught in the swirl of being a parent, an engaged partner in your relationship, and working full time.  The energy required to navigate the drama or high activity of a situation creates a myopic lens of just handling what's directly in front of you. It's so easy to fall into the trap of just doing tasks the same way you always have because both your perspective and energy are limited.    

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Many healthcare professionals are motivated and adamant about improving patients' health and quality of life — until they get hit by the reality of the working conditions and deteriorated healthcare work culture. Compassionate care is expected from healthcare workers to improve the patient experience and ease suffering. How would the healthcare workplace change if we could reflect compassion and kindness to our colleagues in work environments?

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Unfortunately, pandemic trauma is only serving to exacerbate significant pain that has been building in the healthcare industry for years. For more than a decade, industry experts – and practitioners themselves – have been sounding the alarm about critical levels of burnout and toxic stress experienced by healthcare professionals.