Diversity and Inclusion

I recently attended an IOC Huddle on Diversity and Inclusion, in which we shared our experiences in relation to coaching. We explored topics ranging from what coaches can do to support leaders with diversity and inclusion to how to help clients navigate the current social climate. There was an interesting exchange, particularly around intersectionality, multiple identities and identity mapping – but for me, what occurred in the chat was even more fascinating, striking a chord on two different, related levels.

Top Resilience Tips

What does resilience look like, especially given the current novel coronavirus pandemic?  Here is an overview of the many IOC resources available to you, sourced from the Masterclass on Resilience

The Art of Running a Marathon

In this virtual conversation hosted by Jeff Hull, IOC fellows navigate how to help their clients shift the mindset about the pandemic from a sprint to a marathon.  The group discusses how they can, as coaches, first “put the oxygen mask on themselves” and then assist others to make the transition to a “new normal”  in a Covid-19 disrupted world.

Key mindset shifts for challenging clients

Recently, I had the great privilege of presenting a real-life coaching case to over 50 of my colleagues at the Institute of Coaching’s Tricky Coaching Case Forum. Held virtually due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the forum participants came together in the spirit of sharing ideas and experience with one another to help navigate complex professional challenges.

Morale in 2020

This sucks. We got through an acute crisis. Barely able to absorb the nearly 100,000 lost lives in the US already, we awaken to a chronic crisis of COVID-19 accompanied by a sudden economic depression. It feels like a tunnel with no light ahead.

Empathy is Not Looking in a Mirror

How we express ourselves is unique to our personality, some more expressive than others. Victor Frankl wrote: human beings are different because we can separate the stimulus and response. What do you need to do to create that space for yourself?

Confidence is not an Accurate Assessment of Competence

When I’m asked to give talks on confidence I say, sure, but you need to know that I think confidence is irrelevant. They are taken aback—why do I say this?

Tricky Cases

In today’s world it is sometimes difficult to find the space and opportunity for true deep reflection. This Tricky Case Forum allowed me and my fellow coaches to dive into cases in a way that can truly transform our practice. The sum of the parts is greater than the whole. This has never been more true before — the group-intelligence in this session was remarkable.

Tapping Into the Military Mindset  to Strengthen Leadership During Crisis

Many people use the metaphor of war to describe these trying times. In fact, the military’s work can serve as a valuable guide to managers thrust into leading during a pandemic. It has developed a series of well-honed crisis management techniques that can help those in charge navigate these unparalleled circumstances. In times of crisis, coaches knowledgeable of these techniques can be particularly helpful in supporting leaders to provide strength, direction, and hope.

We are in the same storm, but are not in the same boat

As business coaches we are, of course, in the unique position of seeing up-close the challenges facing a wide range of leaders, as well as their very different responses to that. Below is a short excerpt from a Fellow call, on April 10, 2020, that was hosted by Carol Kaufmann where the fellows were candidly discussing the role of coaches and leadership during our times of Covid-19.