Call for Participation: Study of Peer Coaching in Groups Inside Corporations

Peer coaching in groups (PCG) is becoming one of the fastest growing development activities in organizations. They are sometimes called study groups, learning teams, employee resource groups, affinity groups, and so forth. They have the promise of being the least expensive and most democratic (i.e., able to reach everyone) of all development activities. Despite the promise and popularity, there is no quantitative research. We have launched several studies and need your help identifying which organizations have or use them. Do you or do you know of an organization that does? If so, please contact Roman Terekhin directly ([email protected]) with any questions, names of such organizations and an email or phone for a contact person.

What the study is about:

Evidence-based findings about factors of effectiveness and outcomes of workplace peer groups.

Who is eligible to participate:

Organizations that have any form of peer coaching groups: employee resource groups, peer coaching groups, affinity groups, peer learning group, communities of practice, etc. There are probably some kinds of these peer groups in your organization too, whether they are formal or informal. The study currently includes three Fortune 500 corporations, and we are looking for two more organizations that would like to explore their peer groups together with us.

How will it go:

Some employees of participating organization will complete a 10-minute survey about their experience in the peer group. Some incentives can be provided for them (raffle with Amazon gift cards for all the participants). Completion can be at any time that is comfortable for you from June to August 2022.

What participants get:

The study will help you to find out:

  • how peer groups in your organization impact the employees' engagement, wellbeing, and development.
  • what makes them different from peer groups in other organizations (for good or for bad).
  • how you could make them more effective and aligned with the current priorities of your organization.
Study is being conducted by:

Dr. Richard Boyatzis and Roman Terekhin ( )

How to participate:

Email [email protected].

We will be happy to provide more information and answer any questions.