This episode of Coaching Revealed features IOC Fellow Sule Gandur. Sule is interviewed by Emily Terrani and Austin Matzelle about her coaching practice and process, specifically how she has built a coaching routine while coaching all over the world.

Episode Summary:

Sule Katlay Gandur, an IOC Fellow based in Istanbul, Turkey, specializes in executive and leadership coaching. With a background in strategic consulting, her coaching practice involves one-on-one sessions with CEOs, focusing on neuro creativity, resilience, adaptability, conflict management, and values-driven leadership. She also conducts team coaching workshops. In this episode, Sule emphasizes the importance of the contracting stage and setting clear expectations with clients.

Sule also discusses coaching in diverse cultural settings, highlighting the need for trust-building, confidentiality, and understanding cultural nuances. The coach underscores the importance of self-care, setting boundaries, and maintaining authenticity. She finds the Institute of Coaching (IOC) valuable for its balance of coaching science and art, contributing to her continuous learning and growth as a coach.

Show Notes