In this episode of Coaching Revealed features IOC Fellow Douglas Choo. Douglas is interviewed by Emily Terrani and Austin Matzelle about his coaching practice and process, specifically how he found his sweetest sweet spot.

Episode Summary:

Executive Coach Douglas Choo shares insights into his coaching approach. He primarily works with senior leaders in the corporate and nonprofit sectors. Douglas discusses the common issues leaders face, such as motivation, creating psychological safety, and handling difficult conversations. His coaching process involves three phases: establishing self-awareness, identifying priority areas, and holding clients accountable. Douglas emphasizes the importance of mindfulness, using methods like psychometric assessments and a personalized interruptive prayer to help clients manage stress and elevate their cognitive choices. He credits his coaching community, particularly the Institute of Coaching (IOC), for continuous learning, collaboration, and the inspiration to co-author a book. Overall, Douglas emphasizes the transformative power of coaching in helping clients find their "sweet spot" in both personal and professional realms.

Show notes: