In this episode of Coaching Revealed, internal medicine practitioner, coach, and IOC Fellow Dr. Susan Abookire is interviewed by IOC podcast hosts, Emily Terrani and Austin Matzelle on Forest Bathing. The conversation covers Susan’s gathered wisdom from a forest bathing practice and the profound impact forest bathing has on medical professionals, to revolutionize their perspective and outlook.

Episode Summary:

Dr. Susan Abookire is a professor, medical executive, internal medicine practicioner, and certified forest therapy guide. In this episode of Coaching Revealed, Susan is interviewed by IOC podcast hosts, Emily Terrani and Austin Matzelle about her journey into and experiences with Forest Guiding.

Susan’s journey to forest bathing began with a role as an electrical engineer. She then received her physician training at Harvard. Within her coaching practice, Dr. Abookire focuses on helping residents learn systems design and healthcare leadership with a nature-based outlet that provides a safe haven for self-disocvery.

In this episode, Dr. Abookire sharesher personal connection to nature and how it influences her coaching practice. She describes how spending time in the forest has helped her gain insights and connect with her physician clients on a deeper level.

Suan, Emily and Austin discuss the benefits of forest bathing, which go beyond the empirical data of being in nature. Susan details how uncovering new perspectives brought on by invitations to be aware of what is happening around us has a profound, life-changing impact. This awareness transforms the mental well-being of her clients, as well as the healthcare systems they work in and impact.

We close out this episode with an invitation from Susan to begin one’s own relationship with forest bathing, and an opportunity for coaches to experience the power of this practice.