Carol Kauffman, Founder of the Institute of Coaching, Harvard Medical School assistant professor, and author of "Real Time Leadership." kicks off our Coaching Revealed podcast with IOC Executive Director Jeffrey Hull. Carol and Jeff’s conversation delves into the evolution of coaching, with Kauffman sharing her journey from clinical psychologist to coach.

She emphasizes the importance of trauma-informed coaching and recounts pivotal moments, including winning coaching tuition and connecting with influential figures like Marty Seligman and Ruth Ann Harnisch. The discussion extends to the MOVE model from Kauffman's latest book, emphasizing mindful leadership.

Kauffman envisions coaching becoming a strategic tool across various domains, asserting its influence similar to positive psychology. As technology advances, Kauffman acknowledges the potential role of AI in delivering content and support but underscores the irreplaceable value of the human connection in coaching. The MOVE model is highlighted as a practical guide for leaders, demonstrating its applicability even in parenting situations.