In this episode Heidi Hanna, a CEO, Instructor, Best Selling Author, and researcher, is interviewed by IOC Director of Education Dr. Pamela Larde. Dr. Hanna and Dr. Larde discuss five pillars of brain fitness including eat, sleep, move, connect, and rest, and focus on the importance of connection. 

Episode Summary:

Dr. Heidi Hanna, CEO of Synergy Brain Research, Instructor at Harvard Extension School, and NYT best selling author, talks with IOC Director of Education, Dr. Pamela Larde.

Dr. Hanna shares her personal journey through challenging times, including navigating the pandemic and overcoming health struggles. Despite facing adversity, she emphasizes the importance of curiosity and finding humor in difficult situations.

Dr. Hanna’s holistic approach to brain fitness emphasizes five pillars: eat, sleep, move, connect, and rest, and she and Dr. Pamela discuss practical strategies for improving mental well-being. The discussion specifically highlights  the power of connection, and the role of energy in professional and private life. 

We close out the episode by looking at how coaches can play a pivotal role in helping individuals develop self-awareness and navigate intense moments by providing support, listening, and offering resources.

Show notes: