CoachXConversations: Dr. Uma Naidoo

Dr. Uma Naidoo and Olesya Luraschi discuss how food affects mood and Improving mental fitness with food.

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Webinar: This is Your Brain on Food: How the Gut Brain Connection Unfolds the Food Mood Connection


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August-September 2021 Coaching Report

Meet our Extraordinary Conference Speakers on September 23, 24, 25 ...

Meet Our Extraordinary Speakers

It's time for our 13th Coaching in Leadership and Healthcare Conference: A collaborations between the Institute of Coaching, McLean Hospital, and Harvard Medical School. The Conference will be held over 3 half-days on September 23, 24 & 25. This year's theme is: Sculpting our Future together....

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Coaching Systemically: Five Ways of Thinking About Systems

Slide presentation to accompany the webinar Coaching Systemically: Five Ways of Thinking About Systems.

Webinar: Coaching Systemically: Five Ways of Thinking About Systems

The term ‘systemic coaching’ is now widely used, usually to articulate the value for the coach of looking beyond the immediacy of the one-to-one coaching relationship. It is also being used to describe some specific, and quite different, ways of thinking about systems....

Coaching Reduces Burnout

This IOC research dose explores an article by Alyssa McGonagle and team entitled Coaching for Primary Care Physician Well-Being: A Randomized Trial and Follow-Up Analysis, which describes a well-designed research study of a coaching intervention for physician burnout....

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The Burnout Fix

In The Burnout Fix, the award-winning psychologist and board-certified leadership coach Dr. Jacinta M. Jiménez shows you how to harness science-backed resilience strategies to survive, and thrive, in today’s “always on, always connected” world―where a reported 60% of employees report being stressed out all or most of the time at work....

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Generating Inspiration in Coaching

This dose draws on a seminal 2014 research article called The Psychology of Inspiration by social personality psychologist Todd Thrash and his colleagues. Over a decade, this group of scholars conducted experimental studies, created a validated instrument to measure inspiration, and advanced our understanding of how inspiration works....

What's (y)ours to do within the context of climate and ecological crisis?

Slide presentation to accompany webinar What’s (y)ours to do within the context of climate and ecological crisis?