2021 Coaching in Leadership & Healthcare Conference

Sculpting Our Future Together

Conference Videos 2021

Video Still of Michael Cavanagh

We live in a world beset by a host of challenges - from pandemics to climate change, growing mental health issues to wealt...

Video Still of Carol Kauffman, Margaret Moore and Susan David

Carol Kauffman embodies the IOC goal of bringing s...

Video Still of Bina Venkataraman and Susan David

How can thinking ahead in an era of instant gratification help us both gain perspective and prevent disaster?...

Video Still of Melvin Smith and Margaret Moore

A direct application of self-determination theory is a leadership coaching model based on Intentional Change Theory, devel...

Video Still of Carol Kauffman and Amy Edmondson

This session explains why psychological safety matters more than ever in tumultuous times, which bring new challenges and ...

Video Still of Margaret Moore and Carol Kauffman

Carol Kauffman embodies the IOC goal of bringing s...

Video Still of Vikram Patel and Margaret Moore

The lecture will describe the innovative approaches to address the shortage of skilled providers of mental health care, th...

Video Still of Margaret Moore, Angela Passarelli, Pamela Larde and Magdalena Mook

Margaret Moore, MBA (aka Coach Meg), is an entrepr...

Snail with a Rocket Launcher on its back - White Letters Spell Out: inspire & empower

Carol Kauffman embodies the IOC goal of bringing s...

Video Still of Tsedal Neeley

Remote work is not new — domestic and global companies have had virtual work arrangements for nearly 30 years....

Video Still of Richard Ryan

Every leader or manager has the dual problem of fostering high-quality motivation and satisfaction in their followers, and...

Video Still of Carol Kauffman and Robert Biswas-Diener

Robert and Carol will look back at his father’s legacy, the man Marty Seligman said was the true father of positive psycho...

Video Still of Mark Thompson and Jim Kim

How do you decide what’s next in your life and career in a post-pandemic world?  For most people, the crisis launched...

Conference Feedback

Testimonial First Column

“Words cannot express my appreciation for the wonderful virtual conference this year.  Although I look forward to a time when I can attend an in person event, this event was indeed very personal and intimate.”

“The speakers, your facilitation and your connectedness all three days were especially helpful in the transition from speaker to speaker. I am inspired as I transition to the next phase of my coaching practice, and look forward to opportunities to become involved at the IOC.”

“Wonderful conference, inspired and empowered. Thank you”

“Such a great conference this year. Loved the format. My cup is full”

“Such Rich content. My notes will take hours to go back over and reflect about.”

Testimonial Second Column

“I'm not sure I can find the words for how much I enjoyed the Institute of Coaching, McLean/Harvard Medical School's three-day online conference Coaching in Leadership and Healthcare!  I'm grateful I had the opportunity to stretch my boundaries and challenge my mind.  I think my skull will have to grow a little to make room for all the new thought-connections I made over the past three days! There's nothing more energizing for me than learning new things. Congratulations on an astonishing conference, there aren’t words to describe what we all came away with … we tried, but this was truly in a world of its own.

Loved every extraordinary moment. The power of coaching, connection, community and changing our world for the better one conversation at a time.”

“AMAZING content, so enjoying this conference, very impactful, thought-provoking AND ACTION-provoking!”

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