Institute of Coaching Leadership Forum (ICLF) Berlin - Fellows Event

June 9, 2016 - 9:00am to June 11, 2016 - 5:00pm
Berlin, Germany

Leadership Tour de Force:

Unique Perspectives on Leadership Coaching from CEOs and Elite Police Forces

  • Enjoy in depth discussions with heads of elite police forces who lead in extreme danger. How do they create highly collaborative and autonomous high performing teams and react flexibly in today’s VUCA world?
  • Experience a novel approach to working with CEOs that allows them to share their deepest experiences.
  • How do we as coaches “tune-in” with body, mind and gut – to listen deeply and “get to the heart of the matter” with CEO clients—particularly when time is of the essence?
  • Register until May 21st and hear how Fortune 50 CEOs/leaders deal with disruptive impact of digitalization (at the ESMT Annual Forum on June 9).

Mark your calendar and register NOW for June 10 - 11, 2016 in Berlin, Germany! This one-of-a-kind ICLF event brings together thought leaders, senior coaches, CEOs & Global leaders and the leaders they coach for intimate learning, sharing and dialogue.  Attendance is strictly limited. See full agenda...

We are delighted to be partnering with European School of Management and Technology (ESMT), in Berlin Germany. ESMT was founded by the CEOs of 25 leading German institutions and ranks top in Germany and 11th globally in the Financial Times Executive Education ranking in 2015.

ICLF participants who register until May 21st will enjoy guaranteed attendance at the fully booked ESMT Annual Forum* on June 9 -- an optional third day of interaction with CEO's at no extra cost. Highlights of our agenda:

ESMT Annual CEO Forum*

(guaranteed attendance only for participants who register by May 21st):

June 9

ESMT Annual Forum:  Digitalization—Responsible strategies for business and society:

Guest speakers include the Chairman of Daimler AG; CEO, RWE (European utility company), the German Ambassador to China, Global Partners from McKinsey and Ernst & Young, the Vice President of Worldwide Education of Microsoft, the Deputy Assistant Secretary General for Emerging Security Challenges, NATO, and many more. Find more information at:

The Institute of Coaching Leadership Forum:

June 10

Sharing key strategies for effective leadership in the context of terror threats, refugee crisis, and other severely volatile and uncertain conditions.

  1. Lessons from Elite Police Forces—Speed, Action, and Surprise in an Unstable World:  Our guests will be selected current or former leaders of German Security and Police Special Forces,
  2. Olaf Lindner, Director at the BK A, (Federal Criminal Police Office), Head of SG – Personal Protection Division (security for German politicians) and former Commander GSG 9 (Germany’s elite anti-terror police special unit). 
  3. CEO Video Cantatas—Intimate Portrayals of CEOs in Action:  Lessons from CEO Videographer Artist Marina Landia. Landia has gained acclaim for her intimate video interviews with CEO’s. She will offer a unique window into her work by interviewing CEO’s as they share their personal journey, leadership challenges and vision. 

Carsten Laube, COO involved with German refugee crisis

Alexander Kudlich, Group Managing Director of Rocket Internet will join us for personal discussions. (Rocket Internet is one of the largest start-up builders outside the US and China).

June 11
  1. Olympic Listening Under Fire:  As coaches who operate in the C-suite we need to “listen at an Olympic level” –moving clients to change when the stakes are high and time is of the essence. In this session, we explore multiple approaches to high speed coaching/consultation including: seizing the moment; somatic listening; and, listening across cultures, generations and geography.  Using CEO case-studies facilitators Carol Kauffman and Andreas Bernhardt will endeavor to “up our games” in the art of per formative listening…and coaching CEO’s and other high-velocity leaders.
  2. Stepping up Together: Observing Leadership in Real Time What do you see others don’t?What do they see you don’t?  How does our personal response to others – through listening, sensing and, most of all, seeing, impact how we show up as coaches and leaders? Do we see things the same way? Or not? Together we will explore the transference dynamic between coach and client – with a “fieldtrip” to the Alte National Gallerie of art in Berlin, where we break into small groups to see, listen and experience portraits of leaders.  We will then explore with each other how to identify and leverage our unique perceptive abilities, our capacities for interpretation, judgment and intuition – putting these tools into action to spur transformation in our clients.

Friday & Saturday: All sessions are 3 hours long and include time for lengthy Q& A and intimate discussion groups.


June 9: 9am - 7pm at ESMT Annual CEO Forum <Optional> (Champagne Reception at 6:30pm at ESMT)

June 10: 8am – 5pm at ESMT, with networking lunch (included). 6:30pm: Drinks at the Hilton hotel.

June 11: 8am – 5pm at ESMT, with networking lunch (included).

We look forward to seeing you there!

"The ICLF truly lives up to the IOC's commitment to explore both the science and art of coaching. Each time I've attended it's been stimulating, thought provoking, and challenging. In essence, in itself--a great coaching experience. Attending the ICLF has allowed me to find my tribe. A group of senior coaching professionals from across the globe, committed to being the very best they can be."  Alex Couley, IOC Fellow

*ESMT Forum is a limited seating event, free and open to the public. ICLF participants who register until May 21st will have guarenteed attendance.  

Hotel Information


Novotel Berlin Mitte: 20 Standard rooms incl. breakfast & wifi: 118,- EUR (ESMT rate), available until April 26 (hotel expects a minimum. of 10 bookings in total for this room block to apply this rate), latest cancellations of individual bookings until 7 days before arrival, website:

Cosmo Hotel: 10 Deluxe rooms incl. breakfast: 118,- EUR (ESMT rate), available until May 11, latest cancellations of individual bookings until 1 day before arrival,  website:

Derag Living Grosser Kurfürst: 5 Standard rooms incl. breakfast & wifi: 105,- EUR (double room), 89,- EUR (single room) (ESMT rates), available until May 8, lastest cancellations: to be requested when booking,

For all 3 hotels participants need to mention the code-word "ICLF" when making their bookings to get these ESMT rates.