The Interface Between Forensic Psychology and the Science of Coaching- Fellow Discussion Group

October 18, 2023 - 3:00pm to 4:00pm

School shootings, Workplace Violence, and Other Targeted Attacks
“What A Coach Might Want To Know”

The Institute of Coaching identifies several categories of Coaching Science that could benefit from forensic psychology. For example, Coaching Science includes Human Performance Science (i.e., research and theoretical models supporting optimal performance in life and work), Neuroscience (i.e., research and theoretical models supporting physical and mental health and well-being), and Mental & Physical Health (i.e., research and theoretical models supporting optimal physical and mental health and well-being). All of these Coaching scientific areas are advanced by forensic psychology’s focus on the reasons why human beings commit violence or other atrocities against one another and how such crime can be eliminated.

Dr. Fein and Dr. Daignault offer their collective expertise to the Institute of Coaching at McLean Hospital for the purpose of expanding the Institute’s mission to improve the human condition through forensic psychological research, knowledge, and experience.

This event is exclusively for Fellows

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