IOC Roundtable Learning Event - APAC

August 10, 2022 - 4:00am to 5:30am
Zoom Virtual Meeting

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Narrative Coaching for Planetary Health

How do you integrate “big” ideas into your professional coaching work - the ideas that form the context for the visions, goals and plans that your clients make?
Is it ethical to have planetary climate and health as a focal point in coaching?
Is it ethical not to??
How would you describe your own relationship to climate science and planetary health?
What’s the story of your journey to this point?
And what’s the story you want be able to tell with pride 30 years from now about your work?

We are all stakeholders in planetary health!

The Steering Committee of the Institute of Coaching APAC Roundtable warmly invites you to this discussion on 10 August 2022 at 6:00pm AEST. Join IOC Founding Fellows Dr. Ruby Campbell and Simon Matthews to explore the climate science and the use of a narrative lens through which to engage in professional coaching work based on this science.

We invite all coaches and HR professionals who would like to step into the brave space of examination, reflection and action to attend this session.

Our IOC APAC Steering Committee looks forward to further facilitating deeper conversations in the break-out rooms.

Find your own story. Tell it. And maybe even re-write it, as we delve into one of the defining issues for the 21st century coach.



Photo of Ruby Campbell
Convener - Ruby Campbell
Simon Matthews
Simon Matthews

Roundtable Co-Facilitator