Webinar: The Art of Lingering in Dialogue

May 6, 2020 - 10:00am to 11:30am

Dialogue has become a central medium for building relationships and alignment between co-workers, leaders and teams. In organizations and in helping professions, dialogues are important: they shape and foster a culture grounded in fruitful interactions, reciprocal and transformative leadership.

In this highly interactive webinar, Dr. Reinhard Stelter will share his approach to “third generation” coaching, which can engender new forms of reflective and transformative meaning-making, and provide valuable reflections based on moments of symmetry among participants. The goal is to incorporate the art of lingering in coaching as a potent form of human connection—applicable in professional and life contexts.

In this rich and nuanced approach to coaching, a coachee is invited to discover his or her ethical stance and personal values that make daily and professional life (more) meaningful. Pausing and lingering, in dialogue, opens new possibilities for fundamental self-awareness and personal growth. Dialogue provides a framework for supporting agency—and action—in the world with personal integrity. Thus, the dialogue is not a quick fix technique, but a deeply nourishing conversation that helps a person discover where they stand.

Presenter – Reinhard Stelter

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Reinhard Stelter holds a PhD in psychology and is Professor of Sport and Coaching Psychology at the University of Copenhagen, Visiting Professor at CBS – Copenhagen Business School (Master of Public Governance) and leadership course director at CBS Executive. Head of the Coaching Psychology Unit at the Department of Nutrition, Exercise and Sports, University of Copenhagen.

Reinhard is an accredited member, Associate Fellow and Honorary Vice-President of the International Society of Coaching Psychology (ISCP) and, between 2009 and 2015, a Scientific Advisory Council member of The Institute of Coaching.

He is an active researcher and reflective practitioner in the field of coaching psychology. He works as coaching psychologist, leadership consultant and supervisor in his own practice. His recent book publications are “A Guide to Third Generation Coaching – Narrative-Collaborative Theory and Practice”  (Springer) and “The Art of Dialogue in Coaching – Towards Transformative Exchange” (Routledge) which has been awarded as Coaching Book of the Year 2019 at Henley Business School.