Webinar: Coach the Brain: how to use brain science to coach for lasting behavior change

May 24, 2022 - 1:00pm to 2:00pm

Have you ever wondered what drives the divide between your clients who readily meet their goals and those who continue to struggle, even despite their strong intentions and readiness to change? The answer lies deep in the brain. Recent findings in behavioral neuroscience and cognitive psychology have shed light on novel mechanisms of behavior change that call for a reexamination of the coaching tools we’ve been taught to use for decades. Learn which conventional approaches help some but hurt many, and how to help your clients instead train a mindset shown to drive automaticity and habit formation in psychologically safe and sustainable ways.

Presenter: Casey Hughes  

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Casey Hughes, MA, MCHES, NBC-HWC is Vice President of Behavioral Design at Fresh Tri - a neuroscience-based habit formation platform tackling obesity and cardiometabolic disease. As both a behavioral scientist and seasoned health coach, Casey has deep expertise in both the art and science of behavior change and a unique ability to design interventions that bridge the gap between theory and practice. Casey has led the ground-up design of novel health coaching programs, behavior change software, and large-scale behavioral interventions at Stanford University School of Medicine, Apple, and Anthem. Her work has helped thousands of people overcome deep-rooted barriers and become enabled and empowered to live their happiest, healthiest lives.