Webinar: How You Should Measure the ROI of Coaching

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May 4, 2021 - 1:00pm to 2:30pm

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The benefits of coaching for both the individual and the organization are well researched and documented, but it still proves to be difficult to talk about the direct return on investment (ROI) of coaching for an organization. In this presentation, in partnership with AceUp, James Lopata, VP of Coaching Supervision at AceUp will moderate a discussion with a panel of experts on how you should (and shouldn't) measure, and talk about, the ROI of a coaching engagement. Our panelists will take a close look at the systemic impact that coaching has on the broader organization and how this can be traced to stronger business outcomes and bigger bottom lines. The panelists will also discuss ways that one should talk about the benefits that coaching in order to foster buy-in with key stakeholders. Whether you're a coach, a business professional, or an HR leader, you won't want to miss this valuable presentation.

Moderator: James Lopata

Panelists: Tanya Moore, Nadine Greiner and Lisa Ann Edwards

This is a public webinar


James Lopata is a PCC and ICF Certified Coach Supervisor with more than 20 years of Executive Management and Business Coaching experience across multiple industries. James is the Board President of the Massachusetts LGBT Chamber of Commerce as well as an award-winning writer published in Forbes and The New York Times, and his clients include companies such as: IBM, Facebook, Tesla, GE Healthcare, Sanofi, Ginkgo Bioworks, LovePop, Localytics and more.




Tanya Moore has over 20 years of consulting and Human Resource (HR) experience in the private, public, and non-profit sectors specializing in strategic workforce management; complex talent transformation; reskilling; employee experience; employee engagement; organizational change management; training; compensation and performance management; talent acquisition; and workforce and leadership development. She is currently the Chief People Officer for M.C. Dean with responsibility for attracting, hiring, engaging world-class technical and business talent.

Ms. Moore has an MBA from William and Mary where she specialized in Organizational Development. She serves on the William and Mary Consulting Board of Directors, the Virginia Career Works Northern Region Board of Directors, and as a Harvard Business Review Advisory Council member. She speaks on topics that include transforming the skills of your workforce, the new role of HR in the digital age, and using AI to advance your HR and people transformation.


Nadine Greiner Ph.D. is a human resources executive and coach with a passion for helping organizations grow through creating amazing employee experiences. She is currently the Chief Human Resources Officer at the Institute of Aging and has formerly served in executive positions at companies such as Sutter Health, Uplift Family Services, and VMWare.

She has a dual Ph.D. in Organization Development and Clinical Psychology and is also a certified Senior Professional Human Resources, a certified PMP, Change Leader, and Mediator. In a word, she helps executives and organizations with all things People.

Nadine wrote two books, "The Art of Executive Coaching", and "Stress-less Leadership", and she also writes articles regularly for ATD, SHRM, Entrepreneur Magazine, and Thrive.  Nadine first presented her formula for the ROI on coaching at ATD's annual conference of 10,000 participants ... right before the pandemic.


Lisa Ann Edwards, Partner, Bloom Coaching Institute, is an award-winning executive coach who possesses a unique skill-set — cultivating excellence in others while delivering tangible results. Her specialized ability to provide measurable return on investment for clients has demonstrated upwards of 251% ROI, and lifted employee engagement nearly 20%. 

As a globally respected collaborator, author, speaker, and educator, Lisa has developed an automated system, www.MyExcelia.com to track and measure the ROI of coaching, leadership development and consulting. Lisa’s organization is one of the few select entrepreneurial businesses supported by an official Advisor from ZuckerbergMedia. Lisa’s client ROI projects include Microsoft, Amazon, Google, Gates Foundation, Pinterest, Gusto, The Federal Reserve, Nationwide Insurance, TELUS, BNY Mellon and many more.