Webinar: Market Research on Technology in Coaching: What Coaches Need to Know

Train night market in Ratchadapisek Bangkok
April 12, 2022 - 12:30pm to 1:30pm

Many of our current and future choices about what tools we use in coaching involve new technology (tech) that take us beyond the norm of videoconferencing beefed up with digital whiteboards. The hybrid workplace and emergence of AI (artificial intelligence) in every aspect of our lives will surely impact the coaching profession and change the way we work in myriad ways.  

A new and growing set of tech choices  - aka #coachtech or #digitalcoaching on social media -  includes tools that can enrich coaching and improve how we manage and grow our coaching practices. At the same time, developments such as coachbots and competition for market share among coaching platform businesses suggest that we need to reaffirm our value in the context of new options available to organizations and their leaders and employees at all levels.  

In this session, Carol Braddick will share insights and research into the changing market landscape of coaching tech, including a curated, representative sample of digital options. The sample will not include any product endorsements. Instead, the examples will be designed to provoke our thinking as coaches with regard to how tech fits - or does not - in our coaching practices. We will also consider the implications - both promising opportunities and worrisome scenarios - for the future status of coaching and research on coaching.  We will also reserve time for dialogue and questions that you may have about the impact of change in the tech landscape on your practice.  

Presenter: Carol Braddick

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Carol is a member of the Future of Coaching Collaboration, a working group that convenes stakeholders from across the coaching market including coaches, large providers of coaches, Coach Supervisors, organizational managers of coaching programs, coaching professional bodies and organizations that train and develop coaches. She is most active in the Tech Workstream which brings these stakeholders together to discuss issues such as options for scaling coaching and ethics in using tech in coaching. The UK publication, Coaching at Work, recognized the work of the Tech Work Stream with its 2021 commendation External Coaching Champion.   

Cautiously optimistic about the potential to use technology in coaching, Carol views emerging technologies as one of the ways to advance the practice of coaching. She follows the growing market of digital options to support the coaching community on its learning curve about new products and platforms for client work, management of coaching practices and coach training, development and supervision.

A coach for nearly 20 years, Carol brings her experience contracting directly with organisations as well as via large providers of coaching. She also brings experience as a Learner and Mentor on digital learning platforms such as Coursera where she is currently enrolled in the Human Computer Interaction specialisation.

Carol recently contributed a chapter on Technology and Coaching for the Routledge publication Emerging Conversations in Coaching and Coaching Psychology. She has delivered Masterclasses on tech in coaching for Meyler Campbell in the UK and recently covered the market for the UK ICF Technology Series: Thriving in the Age of Disruption. She posts weekly about tech developments relevant to coaching via the LinkedIn page for the Future of Coaching Collaboration.

Carol’s coaching expertise is based on a carefully selected set of training and development programs with Lore International Institute (now part of Korn Ferry); Fielding Graduate Program in Evidence-Based Coaching; Regents College School of Counselling Psychology and Psychotherapy; and the Practitioner level of ACE, Accelerating Coach Excellence offered by David Peterson and David Goldsmith via WBECS. She is also a Founding Fellow of IoC and has contributed blog posts on tech topics.

Before establishing her coaching and consulting practice, Carol worked as Senior Consultant and Team Leader in the Talent Development practices of two leading consulting firms, Hewitt and Towers Perrin (now AON Hewitt and Willis Towers Watson, respectively).  She was also Board member and Director of a UK firm specializing in talent development. Earlier in her career, Carol completed her BA in Linguistics at Pomona College and the MBA program at New York University.