Webinar: Using Client Feedback for Your Professional Development as a Coach

Red, Orange and Green buttons with thumbs down, sideways and up indicating feedback
January 26, 2022 - 11:00am to 12:30pm

Executive coaches routinely use feedback to enrich their reflective practice and professional development. Most of them actively seek developmental feedback from peers, mentors, supervisors and assessors. Yet, they neglect a key group of stakeholders who spend the most time observing them in practice: their clients.

Based on four years of research with 25 executive coaches and 150 clients worldwide, Dr. Helene Seiler recently published the book, Using Client Feedback in Executive Coaching, Improving Reflective Practice, through Open University Press, McGraw-Hill in 2021. This interactive webinar will summarize the research findings and discuss practical methods for receiving valuable feedback to enhance your development as a coach. The learning objectives of this webinar are twofold:

  • Increase awareness about the unique benefits of client feedback in relation to the reflective practice and professional development of the coach
  • Introduce a structured protocol to capture client feedback during a coaching session

Presenter: Hélène Seiler

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Dr. Hélène Seiler is an executive coaching practitioner and educator with 20 years of experience. As a practitioner, she delivers individual and group executive coaching worldwide for international and inter-governmental organizations. As an educator, in addition to being a certified supervisor of coaches and a mentor coach with the University of Texas at Dallas coaching certification program, she teaches coaching theory and quantitative research methods in the Human and Organizational Development doctoral program at Fielding University. She is a regular speaker at conferences and webinars in coaching associations and schools.