Webinar: Vertical Development: How to Assess, Develop and Coach to Accelerate Leadership Maturity

Vertical Development Webinar
April 7, 2020 - 1:00pm to 2:30pm

Over the past four decades, research has identified "vertical development" as a critical aspect of how adults learn, grow and mature. This evidence-based work has major implications for the ongoing personal and professional journey towards greater maturity for our clients and ourselves.  We will share an overview of what we mean by vertical development, how we measure it, and how coaches can use this perspective — and assessment tools — to support individuals and organizations in their growth. The Maturity Profile is regarded as the most reliable stage-measure assessment of adult development. In this highly interactive webinar, we offer a practical approach to coaching for vertical development based on sound theory and application. Coaches will get a sense of the value of adding this lens and capability to their repertoire. We will also examine how the VeDA approach is distinguished from other developmental models and instruments in the field.

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Beena Sharma is president of the Vertical Development Academy and an international consultant committed to serving leaders and organizations grow and develop. As a certified MAP scorer, a Master Coach in Leadership Maturity Coaching, a lead facilitator and certifying authority in VeDA’s coach certification program, Beena is an expert in helping organizations design and implement developmentally sophisticated systems. She is also trained at the master level in Polarity Thinking, and integrates this expertise into her coaching and consulting practice. Beena has worked for more than two decades in the area of whole-system, large-scale change, and has completed multiple certifications across a variety of methodologies, such as Holacracy, Clean Language, Action Learning.

Dr. Susanne Cook-Greuter is the creator of the MAP instrument and its assessment methodology.  An international authority on adult development, she is VeDA’s strategic advisor and research director, safeguarding the standards of excellence in our assessment service.  Dr. Cook-Greuter is known worldwide for her seminal work in adult development theory and is a keynote speaker at conferences internationally.  She has charted new territory in defining mature adult development. Since 1980, she has analyzed more than 11,000 MAP tests in more than 200 different academic and business contexts. Dr. Cook-Greuter’s theoretical work forms the foundation for VeDA’s approach to enabling transformative leadership. She is also a lead facilitator for VeDA’s coach certification programs.

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