Unleashing Human Intelligence in an AI World

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June 29-30, 2023

Rotterdam, The Netherlands

The Institute of Coaching is partnering with the Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University Rotterdam, the Netherlands, for a 1.5-day Conference, aimed specifically at members of the coaching profession and linked professions, on the topic “Unleashing Human Intelligence in an AI World”.

The focus will be on what coaches need to be aware of in a world where their clients will increasingly be confronted with Artificial Intelligence, whether it be in business, education, healthcare, technology/innovation or society as a whole, and what they can do to prepare to serve themselves and their clients in the best way possible, as change is undeniably coming!”

Agenda Session Descriptions

Thursday 29 June (09.00 to 20.00 hours)

  • AI in Education. The introduction of AI into our lives is said to be going at a much faster speed than the Industrial Revolution. What does this mean for us in relation to our future ways of working? What is AI and how are our future clients, currently at university and at the start of their careers, being impacted by AI, either in the way they learn or how they learn to leverage this technology for their futures? Dimitrios Tsekouras, Senior Lecturer in Business Information Management, RSM and Teresa Ramos, Innovation Mentor at Stanford University will help us navigate the AI world and discuss what we need to be aware of as we connect with our younger clients in order to serve them the best way we can.
  • AI in Business. There is currently an abundance of media attention on AI but what does it mean for business in general. Francesco de Meo has extensive experience in human resources, labor relations, legal affairs, research, and science. He is a main board member of Fresenius, a DAX-listed company in Germany, and the CEO of the #1 European Healthcare Group, Helios. He also is an investor in AI-driven business models in the healthcare space. In his keynote he will share his perspective on the changing face of business, with the exponential growth of AI and how it may impact our future engagement with our clients. And he will open it up for conversation and engage with all participants in his typical style full of curiosity and humanity.
  • AI and Human Intelligence. The big question many are currently asking is “will AI replace me in my job?” While there are numerous jobs that can, and probably will be replaced by AI at some point in the future, what coaches bring to the table with their intuition, spirituality, heart, compassion, or whatever you want to call it, is unique and widely agreed to be a challenge for AI. As an actor and expert in human inner power and presence, Antonie Knoppers will engage with us, empowering us to unleash our coaching superpower of human intelligence.
  • AI and Shifting Perspectives. In an Open Panel (Fishbowl), participants are invited to engage one on one with the speakers to deepen the learning and discuss how we can shift perspective from a world where AI seems to be confronting us with fear to generating our own world where AI can be collaborated with to create a coaching experience for our clients that is courageous and authentic.
  • Dinner (included in fee at the eclectic “Zalmhuis” (Salmon House). Dinner will be held in the Rooftop Room at this 'must visit' restaurant with a view of the river and a large balcony that will hopefully be put to good use if the weather gods allow! Not only will we be treated to a wonderful dinner and drinks, this is an opportunity to network, build new relationships and deepen those you already have with other participants in a relaxed and fun atmosphere!

Friday 30 June (09.00 to 15.00 hours)

  • AI and Coaching. This session will focus on what AI might mean to the coaching community in the future and will be lead and co-created by Anders Gustavsson, executive coach in Sweden, and Monique Valcour, executive coach in Nice. They will address questions such as is there anything to be afraid of on the basis of what we have learned already? How might we develop ourselves to be future ready for our clients so that we can continue to help them navigate a VUCA world? What tools do we need to fortify ourselves with in order to step into an AI future with a perspective of collaboration instead of confrontation?
  • Open space - So what, now what? This session is dedicated to your voice! What have you learned, what do you still need to know? What are you concerned about with regards to AI and your future in coaching? What can you share with others regarding your experiences?
  • Lunch and then an optional SPIDO Boat Tour of the river and Rotterdam Harbor. Registration for the Boat Tour will be arranged on the first day of the Conference. The cost is €16,75 / $18,50 for a 75 minute trip. This will still be fun, even if it rains!


Rotterdam School of Management
Erasmus University: Bayle Building
Burgemeester Oudlaan 50
Rotterdam, The Netherlands



Novotel Rotterdam Brainpark
K.P. van der Mandelelaan 150
Tel : +31 10 253 25 32
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