Roundtables at the Institute of Coaching are a space where members (and occasionally non-members) can meet with other coaches in their geographic region to discuss a variety of topics and events.  The roundtables meet virtually and are led by facilitators who are based in their specific region.  Currently we have United States roundtables in the Northeast, West Coast and DC areas.  We also have roundtables in Asia, EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) and ( Australia/New Zealand )

The Roundtable ​meetings ​promise:

  • A marketing-free, inclusive, and peer-based learning space for coaches to learn about and practice new coaching concepts and research.
  • A community of coaching professionals to provide peer coaching and support for developing the “growing edge” of our respective capabilities.
  • Ways to apply the resources available through the IOC with real coaching situations through case consultation and group seminars​.

The IOC Asia Roundtable aim is to bring IOC’s rich resources and best coaching science to the large audience in Asia, contextualizing it in an Asian perspective. We aim to create a space where Coaches from this vast and diverse region can connect to discuss a variety of topics, share the Asian wisdom and learn & grow together.

We bring together curious and creative coaches affiliated with the Institute of Coaching in the EMEA Region to explore new ideas, share experiences, and build relationships so that we can bring more value to our clients and develop ourselves.

Our dynamic Roundtables include discussion, exploration and sharing of ideas meant to deepen our Coaching Agility prowess - in service of our clients and ourselves. Each 2-hour Roundtable event is hosted by members of our West Coast Roundtable community, and offered virtually, 3-4 times a year.

The purpose of Northeast Coaching Roundtable is to provide members and other invitees a forum to explore the domain of coaching. Our NE Roundtable focuses on the topics and programming that explore the intersection of coaching science and on the ground practice. We welcome participants from New England and beyond to share your experiences and thought leadership in service of building a coaching community.

Together at Home (TAH) is a monthly, one-hour live, virtual event where coaches can connect with each other, connect with ourselves and explore our experience... together. TAH is a safe space for coaches to give each other and ourselves some of what we give our clients.

The IOC will now host a roundtable in ANZ (Australia/New Zealand).