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We invite you to apply for a Harnisch Grant!

Thanks to the thought leadership and generosity of Ruth Ann Harnisch, Institute Founder & Benefactor, and the Harnisch Foundation we are able to dedicate $100,000 per year in coaching research awards to qualified individuals. 

There is a pressing need for a body of research to demonstrate coaching effectiveness. Not only do we need to know if coaching works, but how. We need to know which methods work best with which groups of people, and explore carefully what generates the best outcomes. We welcome research proposals which advance the science, profession and practice of coaching, employing quantitative and/or qualitative research methods.

Our grants offer the opportunity to researchers, graduate students, and coaching practitioners to conduct coaching research. If you are interested, please reference How To Apply.

Types of Grants

We offer three types of grants: Research Project, Graduate Student Fellowship, and Travel Grants. In each case, the submission and approval of a pre-proposal is required before a full proposal can be submitted.

Research Project Grants

You are invited to apply for this grant if you would like to conduct empirical research in coaching and are seeking funds to support your project. We offer research project grants of up to $40,000 per project (normally up to 18 months). On rare occasions additional funding and time may be considered. Applicants must demonstrate competence in conducting and completing research. We welcome research proposals which advance the science, profession, and practice of coaching, employing quantitative, qualitative, or mixed research methods.
See the Research Project Application Guidelines

Graduate Student Fellowships

You are invited to apply for this fellowship if you are a Masters or Doctoral candidate seeking support for your coaching dissertation research. Awards of up to $10,000 each are offered for high quality research projects that have received institutional approval.
See the Graduate Student Fellowship Application Guidelines

Travel Awards

If you have completed non-proprietary, empirically sound coaching research and would like to present your findings at the annual Coaching in Leadership and Healthcare Conference sponsored by Harvard Medical School Department of Continuing Education, we invite you to apply for a travel award by February 1st of the conference year. Travel awards may cover air or train fare to Boston, ground transportation, hotel accommodation for the duration of the conference, meals, and sundries of up to $2500 with the submission of receipts.
See the Travel Grant Application Guidelines

Request for Proposal Grants

On occasion we announce a request for proposal for research into a specific aspect of coaching. The purpose of these funds is to stimulate research into a priority area. Information on these applications will be provided when RFP announcements are made. There are currently no RFP announcements.

Please use the Slideroom online grant submission portal to set-up an account and begin the submission process.