Coaching Tools

CoachXConversations: Marshall Goldsmith and Carol Kauffman

What do you get when you combine parts of Daily Questions, Stakeholder Coaching and Alan Mulally’s Business plan review? The Life Plan Review: a new and incredible tool for coaches. In this pre-recorded LinkedInLive video, Marshall talk about the details of the LPR and why it’s such a valuable tool for coaches and leaders....

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Webinar: Designing Your Life: Coaching to Get Unstuck and Thrive

Dave Evans, co-founder with Bill Burnett of the Stanford Life Design Lab and co-author of the NYT worldwide bestseller Designing Your Life and their just released Designing Your Work Life introduces us to "design thinking" - the innovation methodology conceived at Stanfo...

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COACHx: How Your Inner Experience can Contain the Missing Piece for Your Client / Alison Whitmire

In this video, Alison Whitmire speaks about how sharing our internal experience with coachees can be powerfully generative to their progress. She explains that as coaches, our internal experience can be the missing piece to revealing our coachees’ understanding of themselves....

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The Mature Coach

Slides to accompany David Clutterbuck's webinar: The Mature Coach

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Webinar: The Mature Coach

Observation of hundreds of coaches in an assessment centre or development centre environment has revealed four mind-frames that represent increasing levels of coach maturity. In this webinar, Prof David Clutterbuck explores each of these mindsets in turn and what the transition from one to the next entails....

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The Center for Creative Leadership Handbook of Coaching in Organizations (J-B CCL (Center for Creative Leadership))

Effect better outcomes with a robust coaching program ...

Development of an Instrument for Microanalysis of Coaching Sessions

This paper presents the results of a project aimed at the development and the use of an instrument designed to identify differences and similarities across coaching approaches at the level of a specific coaching session. 41 professional coaches described one of their typical coaching sessions using this instrument and found it comprehensive....

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2018 Conference Keynote Presentation: The Entrepreneurial Coach

Coaching is immensely fulfilling – but there’s only so much time in the day to work with clients. Many of us, frustrated with “trading time for dollars,” have sought strategies to build passive income and develop multiple revenue streams....

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COACHx: Suzanne Wilkins on Using Theater Techniques in Coaching

Suzanne Wilkins shares theater and body work techniques that help clients.

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Webinar: Tackling Burnout in Physicians: How Coaching Can Help (Resource)

In this lively and engaging webinar, Gail Gazelle, MD takes us into the mindset of physicians and the rapidly changing landscape of medical practice​ and health care in general​....

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