CoachX: Coaching Under the Microscope: Dispelling the Common Myths about In-Between Spaces

In this CoachX podcast, Haesun Moon explores:

  • What builds the rapport in a coaching dialogue?
  • Does the body actually speak a different "language" than what we say?
  • What does a question really tell?
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CoachX: From Burnout to Resilience: Coaching Physicians and Physician Leaders with Positive Psychology

Gail Gazelle, MD, FACP, FAAHPM, is a practicing physician, a part-time Assistant Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School, and an executive coach for physicians and physician leaders. A specialist in physician and physician executive burnout and resilience, Dr....

CoachX: Coaching the Abrasive Leader

In this CoachX podcast, Dr. Laura Crawshaw, IOC Founding Fellow, addresses the following elements:...

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CoachX: Coaching Physicians to Become Leaders

In this CoachX podcast, Richard Winters, MD, MBA, and ICPA Founding Fellow, presents "Coaching Physicians to Become Leaders".  He addresses:...

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