Conference 2023: Day 3 Deep Connections: The Secret to Successful Lives, Organizations, and Great Human Achievements

Some of the most successful leaders, boards, organizations, and collaborations have a secret power: their partnerships. It’s not their skills or experiences that matter most, it is their ability to partner--to forge deep connections. Explore the threads that are common to extraordinary partnerships and collaborations....

Conference 2023: Day 3 Beyond Languishing to Flourishing: Physician Well-being and the Role of Coaching

In this keynote session, Dr. Palamara will provide an overview of the physician burnout crisis, the factors that contribute and promote their workplace well-being, and the role of coaching in supporting physician well-being. Dr....

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Conference 2023: Day 3 Landing Well

DAY 3: 1. What were vour best A-Hoh moments? 2. What inspired vou most? 3. What new intention will vou bring into the world?
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Conference 2023: Day 2 Vision of Excellence Award & How Do We Know What Our Clients Need From Us?

For 150 years behavior change has been guided by normative categories but for nearly 100 of those years we should have known that was a mistake. In this talk Dr. Hayes will show how a focus on processes of change reveals this fundamental error and how the field is now preparing to correct it using ""idionomic"" methods....

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Conference 2023: Day 3 Promoting Racial Equity: Moving from Principle to Practice

Research has revealed a “principle-practice gap,” where individuals and organizations state commitments to racial equity in principle, but fail to take the action necessary to promote meaningful change. When further examining this gap, Dr....

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Conference 2023: Day 1 Beyond the Absence of Disease: Communication, Health and Well-being

Despite major advances in the science of positive health and well-being, the dominant discourse in the public arena and in the industry has been to focus on physical and mental health as distinct areas of health promotion and interventions....

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Conference 2023: Day 1 Artificial Intelligence Coaching Slides

This session will take a critical look at what AI is, common misperceptions, what we actually know about using AI in coaching based on empirical research, and the role that AI could play in the future of coaching.
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Conference 2023: Day 1 Real Time Leadership: A framework for Success Slides

David and Carol have pulled together years of coaching experience and identified a 4-part framework to help leaders and leadership coaches go from good, to great, to extraordinary. They will share their model with the acronym MOVE to pull together insights that will be useful to you....

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Conference 2023: Advancing Coaching Research @ the IOC Slides

Advancing the science of coaching is core to the mission of the IOC. In this session, IOC directors Drs. Angela Passarelli and Pamela Larde will discuss the Institute’s current research initiatives, as well as highlight the inaugural studies funded by the IOC-ICF coaching research grant program....

2021 Conference: Sculpting Our Future Together

A Michelangelo quote oft-cited in coaching inspires our conference: “I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him/her free.” Our world class speakers, leading scientists, thought leaders, and coaching scholars, will explore how we can sculpt our future in coaching conversations that evoke the humanity and innovation needed to fully t...

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