CoachXConversations: Cynthia Soledad & Carol Kauffman

Cynthia Soledad, Co-Leader of Egon Zehnder's Global Diversity and Inclusion Practice, and Carol Kauffman talk about what it means to inhabit and be successful in the relatively new role of Chief Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at the senior leadership level.

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Chief Diversity Officer: Individual Coach and Organization Change Agent

Slides to accompany Cynthia Soledad's webinar, Chief Diversity Officer: Individual Coach and Organization Change Agent.

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Webinar: Chief Diversity Officer: Individual Coach and Organization Change Agent

Carol Kauffman and ...

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How to Close the Diversity Gap in Leaders

The exclusion of minority groups from opportunities to acquire valuable capital early in life leads the dominant group in organizations to conclude that they lack capital, which further excludes them from additional opportunities to gain capital in their early careers....

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What to do About our Biases

Today’s dose expands on our recent dose on the topic of bias, expanding on the work of American scientist Jennifer Eberhardt, to add the work of the UK scientist - Pragya Agarwal, explored in her June 2020 book titled: Sway. The integration of scientific findings by both scientists into a better understanding of the nature of bias is profound....

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Inclusion Matters: Adjusting your Mirrors and Managing your Blind-Spots

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Webinar: Inclusion Matters: Adjusting your Mirrors and Managing your Blind-Spots

How are your blind spots and unconscious biases playing a part in the decisions you make and the advice you offer as a Coach? As a leadership coach you are aware of the need to be increasingly mindful of the quality of day to day business decisions made by yourself and your clients. And yet, what are you not seeing?...

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July-August 2020 Coaching Report

A Fierce Time This year the intense summer weather (for us in the northern hemisphere) is accompanied by a fierce intensity of emotions for everyone as we navigate:...

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Palena Neale's picture Submitted by Palena Neale July 12, 2020 - 6:29pm

I recently attended an IOC Huddle on Diversity and Inclusion, in which we shared our experiences in relation to coaching. We explored topics ranging from what coaches can do to support leaders with diversity and inclusion to how to help clients navigate the current social climate. There was an interesting exchange, particularly around intersectionality, multiple identities and identity mapping – but for me, what occurred in the chat was even more fascinating, striking a chord on two different, related levels.

Reflecting on Bias

To simplify the complexity of human experience, the brain categorizes things, grouping them together, which reduces sensitivity to differences. These categories become beliefs and stereotypes. The unconscious associations with a stereotype become bias.

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