Executive Coaching

CoachXConversations: Mark Thompson

Mark Thompson and Carol Kauffman discuss Executive Coaching

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Who Gets Promoted and Why? Coaching the 5 Key Elements of Promotability

Slide presentation to accompany Amii Barnard-Bahn's webinar Who gets Promoted and Why? webinar.

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Webinar: Who Gets Promoted and Why? Coaching the 5 Key Elements of Promotability

You’re great at what you do — so why aren’t your coaching clients getting promoted?...

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Presentation Slides: The Future of Executive Coaching: Perspectives from Google and Facebook

PowerPoint slides for David Peterson and Nathalie Salles-Oliver Domain Keynote presentation at the 2019 Harvard Medical School Coaching in Leadership and Healthcare Conference.

The Future of Executive Coaching: Perspectives from Google and Facebook

Here’s a unique opportunity to hear from leaders of executive coaching and leadership development programs from two leading organizations....

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Interview with David Peterson, PhD, Nathalie Salles-Olivier, PCC, MBA, Coaching Leads at Google and Facebook

In early 2011, David joined Google, Inc., as Director, Leadership and Coaching, where he provides coaching to senior leaders, oversees internal and external coaching programs, and supports a range of executive development and organizational learning programs....

Executive Coaching: Study of the Evolution of the Program at a Top European Business School 2011

The integration of psychology and organizational studies is thought to be a great success among study participants, and, after a decade, the structured business school recently approved their executive master's degree in clinical organizational psychology, a new discipline incorporating clinical psychology and organizational studies, for the pro...

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Executive Coaching Beyond the Obvious: Toward a Theoretical Framework to Analyze the Nature and Management of Multiple Stakeholders and Agendas

While executive coaching has been mostly portrayed as a straightforward practice, relying on a relatively non-problematic set of relationships, our research highlights the multi-faceted nature of this intervention in organizations....

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2018 Conference Keynote Presentation: Driving Transformational Change - Lessons from the C-Suite

With overwhelming pressure from conflicting stakeholders, how do the world’s best executives serve as coaches to help their teams discover and deliver their best work? How do we find individual and organizational meaning as shifts in priorities, ever present crises and accelerate change and compete for our attention?

Presence in Executive Coaching Conversations -The C2 Model

Abstract: Presence is considered by the practitioner community to be a key factor in coaching effectiveness and is recognized as an important coaching competence. Yet to date, there has been little formal research into this phenomenon in executive coaching....

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